Dsenyo has closed for business • • • Effective August 2017

Dsenyo initiatives receive a

50% donation from your purchase!

About Dsenyo

Dsenyo works to create sustainable livelihoods for women and artisans in Malawi, Central Africa.  We offer handbags and accessories that celebrate the art of African textile design.  By placing an order here, you are supporting the producers that Dsenyo works with in Malawi and helping fund the following two initiatives:

#1 - Education for Girls in Malawi

Help us send 5 of our producer's daughters to high school!  Education for girls is extremely important in developing countries like Malawi.  When money is tight families often choose to send boys over girls to school. Studies have shown that girls' education has numerous quality of life benefits such as: "the reduction of child and maternal mortality, improvement of child nutrition and health, lower fertility rates, enhancement of women’s domestic role and their political participation, improvement of the economic productivity and growth, and protection of girls from HIV/AIDS, abuse and exploitation (World Bank)."  Funding girls' education is one of the best uses of aid money in terms of return on investment in social well-being.

#2 - Professional Development Training for our Producers

Help Dsenyo bring two of our producers to the USA for two weeks of professional development training.  Why is this important?  One of the keys to success for our producers in Africa is to gain an in-depth understanding of their customers and the market here in the USA.  Most of our producers haven't traveled far outside their villages, much less to another country.  It's hard for them to know what's in style and what "quality" means to Western consumers.  By bringing Tamara Banda and Elizabeth Chikoya to the USA, they will have the opportunity to study and learn first hand.  While here, they will visit stores, interacting with customers, attend the Santa Fe International Folk Arts Festival and give presentations.  Upon return to Malawi, Tamara and Elizabeth will conduct workshops with each of our producer groups and share the knowledge they have gained further empowering each producer working with Dsenyo.

Where does the other 50% of my purchase go? 

The other 50% goes to paying a fair wage to our producers for the labor they put into crafting the item, it also pays for materials, training, shipping and other business operating expenses. 

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