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Vipambi Women's Group

Vipambi Women’s Group (Malawi) is a workshop with a mission to train women in business and sewing skills, enabling them to be more successful. Vipambi is located in Mzuzu, where Dsenyo’s Malawian office is located. There is a stitching center and all quality assurance, packing, and exporting takes place here. The majority of women working at Vipambi have started their own tailoring businesses, and many have used earnings to send their children to university. As one woman told us in October, 2013: “In only 3 months I’ve done a lot. I used the money as capital for my business. It was down but now it’s up. I also used some money to send my son to Dowa College; he’s at a teacher-training program for 3 years."