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Fair Trade Handbags, Cloth Purses, Wristlets and Clutches


Dsenyo is an ethical fashion company that specializes in fair trade handbags. Artist Marissa Perry Saints founded the company to create opportunities for talented artisans who are living in marginalized communities with little to no means to escape poverty. Through the help of Dsenyo, these women are given the chance to lead better lives. Today, we have producer partners located in Malawi, Brazil, and Zambia. We are an active member and advocate of the Fair Trade Federation, an organization that places emphasis on creating jobs and opportunities for hardworking artists in marginalized communities. To be a member, companies have to commit to an internationally established set of core values that include paying fair wages, uplifting cultural traditions, and safeguarding the environment, among others.

What you can do to help

We at Dsenyo are committed to upholding and adhering to these standards. In fact, every purchase of our colorful and vibrant selection of fabric purses, wristlets, change purses, and clutches empowers women in Africa and Latin America. In this regard, one of our producers affiliated with the Vipambi Women’s Group once said that she had accomplished a lot in three months and had used her earnings as capital for her own business. Today, some of those who are working at Vipambi Women's Group have their own tailoring businesses and are sending their children to secondary school and even university. This is the start of a better life for them.

Our African handbags are made in Malawi and feature African textile designs. These bags are crafted with lightweight, high quality and eco-friendly materials and are available in vibrant colors and designs. Our products came from partner producers that house workshops that educate women in the art of sewing and of business ventures, ensuring that they will be better equipped for the future.

Meanwhile, our raffia clutch purses are hand-woven in Brazil. These clutches are perfect for formal and informal evening outings as they are stylish and functional, and crafted with materials that have minimal environmental impact. One of our partner producers for this is Segue o Soco, a group of artisans in northeastern Brazil who've leveraged their local skills and talents to conquer social and environmental challenges in their area. By making these beautiful clutches, these Brazilian women are weaving a better tomorrow and society, one that is no longer mired in poverty.

When you purchase items from Dsenyo, you too will be joining this global movement towards alleviating poverty in marginalized communities.