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Fair Trade Clothing: African Clothing and Apparel

Looking great and feeling good does not have to come at the expense of others – particularly those brands that exploit sweatshops and use toxic materials in their products. Purchasing fair trade clothing is the way to go when ensuring that your clothes are made without causing harm to workers and the planet.

Dsenyo founder and artist Marissa Perry Saints lived in Malawi and saw firsthand the struggles of the community. She founded the company in an effort to bridge the gap between available local talent and lack of opportunities, and offered countless avenues for hardworking African women to turn skills such as sewing into a livelihood. Today, Dsenyo collaborates with many producer partners in Malawi, Africa, and Northeastern Brazil to empower artisans and their communities.

As members and advocates of the Fair Trade Federation, we at Dsenyo ensure that our items are as environment-friendly as possible. We make every effort to utilize materials that will have minimal impact to the environment and have harnessed sustainable fibers such as jute, buriti palm, and organic cotton. We also use low-impact dyes for a splash of lively color.

Aside from this emphasis on high quality, natural materials, our African clothing collection and fair trade clothes are also handcrafted and made by our producer partners with knowledge of the local culture. Following the international standards set by the Fair Trade Federation, we offer fair wages and respect the culture of our partners, as evidenced in our beautiful and vibrant locally-inspired designs. For their part, our producer partners have workshops in which they train local artisans (often women) to strengthen the skills they need to pursue a brighter future. In fact, many of those working with our producer partners are able to open their own businesses and send their children to college – a feat once considered as impossible in their marginalized sector.

Browse through our site and join us in our crusade to eradicate poverty in various communities. Our apparel line offers a variety of designs across different categories including skirts, pajama pants, bangles, aprons, and hair accessories. We also have toys, African handbags, cloth purses, and gift items, among many others.

With Dsenyo, you will be able to find beautiful and chic locally-crafted products made from eco-friendly materials. With every purchase, you will be helping us empower women and local artisans by providing them with the means to secure a brighter future.