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  • Guest Blogger Katherine Lariscy, from One I Love
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Guest Blogger Katherine Lariscy, from One I Love

This week we are honored to have Katherine Lariscy, from One I Love, as a guest blogger.  She has been a great supporter of Dsenyo, and we're honored to be included in her collection of curated artisan goods. Read on to learn more about her passion for artisan crafts and a little history behind artistry.

One I Love

by Katherine Lariscy

Artisans create hand-made items using a variety of techniques, skill, or artistry sometimes passed down through generations. Dating back to the Renaissance period Artisans were revered, admired, and some even famous for their creations. In the nineteenth century, the Age of Enlightenment was in full bloom throughout Europe and Artisans of all kinds flourished like never before. Prior to the Industrial Revolution craftsmen were the main source of a variety of goods such as candlesticks, jewelry, clothes, furniture, and other items. With the mass industrialization that swept across both Europe and the Americas unique and artisanal items were replaced by assembly line goods. But, the lack of cultural appreciation of Artisans throughout history is now changing. 

Artisan Women Empowerment

Through purchasing hand-made goods created by artisans around the world we are able to support fair trade practices. Companies such as Dsenyo were created with a mission to provide both artisans and consumers the channels to connect and trade their goods on the global market. Fair Trade artisan goods ensure not only fair wages but also ethical working conditions & often times the use of sustainable materials as well. Many artisans use creative methods of recycling and reusing materials in their works. The merging of environmental sustainability within the Artisan movement is a very 21st century concept.

One of the most amazing things about decorating your home or spicing up your wardrobe with artisan handmade items is how eclectic, original, & unique the pieces are. For example, I have a wall decorated with my collection of Sweetgrass baskets. These baskets have been made for generations by Artisan women in the Carolinas. With so much mass production today it is nice to find items that are not so cliche and homogenized. Artisans have a way of making statement pieces that truly stand out from the crowd. This is why we chose to highlight some of our amazing and lovely bohemian style hand-made accessories & jewelry. The Feather Leaf earrings are one of our personal faves and just perfect for the Autumn season! These earrings are made fair trade by a female cooperative and a must-have for any chic ladies collection! 

Another one of our popular and truly one-of-a-kind items are the Little Ones Stuffed Animal Collection! They are the perfect gift for little ones and make excellent stocking stuffers as well! These Little Ones are safari themed and multi colored, choose from Zebras, Elephants, Lions, Foxes, Bunnies and many more! 
Little Friends Dsenyo
These are just a couple of our lovely, Artisan fair trade items hand-picked by the One I Love Team! We chose to partner with companies that believe in empowering Artisans by providing the economic channels to connect them with consumers. A majority of these fair trade and artisan items are produced in areas of the world where people are dealing with extreme poverty, injustice, and lack of opportunities. Through purchasing fair trade artisan goods we can have a positive impact and put our dollars towards a good cause! A majority of these Artisans use their wages to benefit their local communities, neighborhoods, and families. Empowering women in undeveloped countries is one of the best investments we can make in both our children and world's future. Come check out our amazing selection of Artisan items on sale at One I Love!
  • artisansfair tradehistoryretailers