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Letters from Malawi

 Dsenyo Letter

I don't know whether it's the cool air this time of year that yields moments for introspection, or maybe just the themes surrounding Thanksgiving as it quickly approaches. Whatever it may be, we're thinking about the work that we do here at Dsenyo, and we feel very grateful for this work.

We wanted to share with you a letter we recently received from Enera Mhango. She is an artisan living in Malawi, and is part of the Vipambi group who make a lot of Dsenyo's beautiful handbags and apparel. Take a look:

My name is Enera Mhango. Iam a widow with four children.

I joined Dsenyo in 2012. Before I joined Dsenyo I was just staying and life was very difficult because everything in life needs money.

Now Iam appreciating for what Dsenyo had done for me. I have managed to send my children to school, food is always available and staying at a better house. I have managed to send my son to college for three years programmes and now he is doing his last year. I know for sure that without Dsenyo there was no good future for my children.

Lastly I thank Dsenyo (management) for the introduction of this coming to Malawi to help people who are indeed. For me I benefited a lot as well in skills of sowing because now Iam independent on my own. I thank God for everything and wishing the management of Dsenyo long life so that others who are indee should also befited from it.

Thank you.

It's letters like Ms. Mhango's that remind us of the core of Dsenyo: a social enterprise focused on economic opportunities for women in areas where jobs are scarce.

Please consider Dsenyo this holiday season with your gifts. Our collection is a gift that gives twice.  

  • Artisansfair tradefamilyMalawisocial enterprisesocial impactthankful