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  • Lions disappearing. Let's talk about it.
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Lions disappearing. Let's talk about it.

lions are disappearing. let's talk... 

Over the past year and half Dsenyo has not only been focused on working with artisans, but also on promoting a jewelry collection focused on wildlife conservation and anti-poaching endeavors. The collection takes confiscated snare wire (from anti-poaching efforts) and repurposes into jewelry.

This week we read an article titled Lions Quickly Disappearing in Much of Africa, Study Says by Jim Zarroli.

It was a sad reminder that these beautiful animals are facing a threatening decline.

The article addresses various causes for the decline including two attributed to people:

1. Loss of habitat

2. Uncontrolled hunting and retaliatory killing of lions 

The article also mentions some optimism for the lion population sharing:

Lion populations are increasing in four southern African countries: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Our speciality is not wildlife conservation. We recognize that. However, we would like to start a conversation about it and encourage more conversations.

We invite you to support these beautiful animals (and other threatened animals) through your purchase of a snare wire bracelet, earrings or a key chain. Use it as a conversation piece and bring awareness to the issues. 

These jewelry pieces are a small piece of the pie, but we know that awareness and conversations can cause a ripple effect.

Will you join us? 

$5 of each snare wire piece purchased will be donated to the Zambian Carnivore Programme and the South Luangwa Conservation Society. 


  • snare wire jewelrysustainabilitywildlife conservationzambia