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We're Taking a Visitor to Zambia


Clockwise from left: Haley Stewart, Lion in the South Luangwa Valley, Artisan making bracelets with re-purposed snare wire beads

Last fall Dsenyo held the Design for Change competition to raise awareness for the poaching crisis in the South Luangwa Valley, Zambia - an area known to be one of the last remaining strongholds for large carnivores (lion, leopard, cheetah, African wild dog and hyaena). 

The competition called forth beautiful jewelry designs from across the country using wire that simulated the snare wire.  With the selected design, the wire is substituted with actual confiscated snare wire from anti-poaching efforts.   

With great excitement we are taking Hayley Stewart, winner of the competition, to Zambia to meet with the artisan group Mulberry Mongoose who has modified and crafted her design - Snare Wire Twist.  She will also have an opportunity to meet with the Zambian Carnivore Program and the South Luangwa Conservation Society - both benefactors of the Snare Wire Twist and Zimba Jewelry collections who are leading the fight against poaching.

For each piece of snare wire jewelry sold, $5 is donated to these organizations.  

This will be a rare experience for Haley, and an opportunity for us to continue expanding our awareness.  As a social enterprise, we believe in not only taking our products to market but also in that business can be a powerful way to address social, economic and wildlife problems.  

Follow along Haley's journey to Zambia.






Author's note: The Zimba collection is designed and crafted by Mulberry Mongoose, Dsenyo's artisan partners.

  • Conservationsnare wire jewelrysocial impactzambia