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Dsenyo in Zambia

We'd like to invite you to follow along as we visit our artisan partners in Zambia. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we value transparency and evaluation of the impact of our work.  This kind of evaluation allows you to know what's behind the label when you purchase fair trade products from Dsenyo.

On our visit we will be...

Taking a Visitor  Hayley Stewart, winner of the Design for Change competition, will be joining the trip.  She'll have an opportunity to meet in person and learn first-hand what life is like for the artisans in Mfuwe, Zambia.

Meeting with Nonprofits so that we can report back and update you on how your purchase of snare wire jewelry is helping conserve African wildlife.

Meeting with the Artisans A large part of our work is evolved around our relationship with the artisans.  We will be meeting with them to learn more about the impact of our work and what we can do better to enrich this relationship.  More to come in our social impact survey after the trip.

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  • artisan partnersfair tradesocial impactzambia