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Behind the Lens

Water Buffalo by Edward Selfe

Image by Edward Selfe (Zambia)

Our team recently attended the Fair Trade Federation Conference in Del Mar, California. It was three days of sharing ideas and learning about the direction of fair trade.  We also discussed how we market ourselves as fair trade businesses, and it was unanimous amongst the group. Our approach is through content marketing.  We market ourselves through the stories behind the clothing, behind the jewelry and behind the gifts. It is not only the actual product that is important to us, but also the story of who made the product and the economic impact on the community through the sale of the product.

These stories are shared in various ways, but I think what can be the most eye catching is the photography.

Dsenyo is very grateful for the images donated by photographer Edward Selfe. As seen through his photography, he is a man inspired and in touch with the landscape in the Luangwa Valley in eastern Zambia.  Edward has provided Dsenyo with images of Mulberry Mongoose, the artisan group Dsenyo partners with for our jewelry collection.  

In the images below, Edward captures the group creating jewelry for the Snare Wire Twist collection - coming later this spring.  This collection is unique in that it is made using snare wire collected during anti-poaching patrols and beautifully repurposed into contemporary jewelry.  Each piece sold generates $5 for two leading anti-poaching nonprofit organizations: Zambia Carnivore Program and South Luangwa Conservation Society.     


Edward also has a penchant for wildlife as seen in the following images.  He captures the essence of the African bush, and reminds us of why we are working to conserve these precious areas.  As he shares on his website, he had a "fling with corporate life in the city" but thankfully his wondering and wandering mind lead him to capture wildlife in the South Luangwa National Park. 

Photo by Edward Selfe

Photo by Edward Selfe 

Photo by Edward Selfe

Photo by Edward Selfe


We are grateful for Edward's contributions and for letting us share his photography.  To see more of Edward Selfe's work and to learn about wilderness safaris, please visit his website by clicking here.    

HPhotographer Edward Selfee may also be found on FACEBOOK  and check out his daily blog here

  • fair tradephotographysnare wire jewelryZambia