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  • Snare Wire Jewelry & Conserving African Wildlife
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Snare Wire Jewelry & Conserving African Wildlife

African Elephant, Zambia

Crowdfunding Campaign

March 17 – April 13, 2015


This month Dsenyo is launching our first crowdfunding campaign to expand our snare wire jewelry collection and to continue building awareness for the poaching crisis.  Our hope is to raise $20,000 that will go towards funding production (materials and fair artisan wages) while increasing donations for key anti-poaching organizations.      

The jewelry is unique in that it has a dual purpose: Snare wires collected during anti-poaching efforts are turned into necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and a portion of each sale is donated to partnering nonprofit organizations conducting the anti-poaching patrols.

Partnerships with anti-poaching patrols in Zambia

Dsenyo is in partnership with two nonprofit organizations who are leading the fight against poaching - the Zambian Carnivore Program and the South Luangwa Conservation Society in Zambia, Africa.  

If poaching is allowed to continue at its current rate, the African Forest elephant is predicted extinct in only 10 to 20 years. At this point, more African elephants are being killed each year than are born. It's safe to say that poaching has reached a crisis level.

It's hard to read about these situations from a continent away. For many, this knowledge incites feelings of helplessness. But there are ways we can help, and one of those ways is to support the organizations that are conducting patrols. 

About the jewelry and how it can help 

Last year we held a Design for Change contest called Down to the Wire: Help Make Poaching History to empower student designers to create something that could help change the world. We were so excited to see the quality of work contestants submitted. Hayley Stewart, who put her own twist on the original Zimba snare wire jewelry line, took the grand prize.  The twist in her design represents uniting people all over the world to strengthen each other in the fight against poaching.    

Today we are excited to announce that the line Hayley designed is ready for production. Like the original Zimba line, Zimba Twist will be made with repurposed snare wire collected by anti-poaching patrols.  The jewelry is made by Mulberry Mongoose, Dsenyo's partner artisan group in Zambia.   

With each piece of jewelry sold, $5 is donated to two nonprofit organizations who are leading the fight against poaching – the Zambian Carnivore Program and the South Luangwa Conservation Society.  Learn more about these organizations by clicking here.

In the past, the original Zimba line has raised over $6,100 for these two organizations. On top of that, the snare wire jewelry has raised over $30,000 for the artisans who make it. We hope to raise even more with the Zimba Twist collection, but we can’t do it without your help.

Our founder with the artisan group, Mulberry Mongoose

How to Get Involved

Dsenyo hopes to empower a global tribe by bringing artisans, anti-poaching organizations and conscious consumers together to support each other in making a positive impact on our world.

You can help by signing up for the email list at crowdfunding.dsenyo.com and by making a donation to the campaign. 

You can also help create economic opportunities for our partner artisan group while supporting these nonprofits through the purchase of the snare wire jewelry.  Jewelry from the Zimba and the Zimba Twist lines may be purchased by clicking here.


Dsenyo is a social enterprise partnering directly with artisan communities in Malawi, Zambia, and Brazil and enabling women to become economically empowered through the sale of fair trade gifts and ethical fashion. We believe responsible business can be a powerful source for social and economic change. Dsenyo is committed to fair trade principles and provides artisans and customers with the resources to build a better world.

  • ArtisansConservationcrowdfunding campaignfair tradesnare wire jewelrySustainabilityZambia