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  • Partnership to Save Africa's Elephants
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Partnership to Save Africa's Elephants

Hillary Clinton Snare Wire Bracelet

Last month in New York City, the Clinton Foundation hosted their annual meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).  CGI was established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton in order to address the world's most complex and pressing issues by gathering global leaders and implementing creative solutions.  

Green Snare Wire Bracelet

As you know, Dsenyo is deeply committed to doing our small part in helping address the poaching crisis in Zambia.  Through the sale of our Snare Wire Jewelry a $5 donation from each item sold is donated to NGOs doing tireless work in Zambia to curb the poaching issue.

We were thrilled to find out that in 2013 CGI brought together a coallition of conservation organizations in order to help protect Africa's elephants.  Together, the coalition's goal is to reach out to African leaders and governments in order to create a more effective approach to solving the poaching crisis.  

CGI President Bogo Speech

In NYC last month, at the CGI annual meeting Hillary and Chelsea Clinton made a speech on the progress and expansion of the CGI initiative to save Africa's elephants.  What I found notable was the broad coalition they have build of international conservation organizations, African leaders/governments and others.  Also of note was Chelsea's comment that this is not only a conservation/environmental issue but also a national and international security issue.  Groups like Boko Haram and the Lord's Resistance Arm are increasingly financing their terrorist efforts through the illegal ivory trade.  President Bongo of Gabon also spoke eloquently and poignantly about the seriousness of the issue of poaching in Africa and Asia.  The poaching crisis is still alive and well and there's a long way to go in terms of making a meaningful impact. However, it's encouraging to see this large scale international effort with folks from so many different areas working together towards a common goal.

Chelsea Clinton Snare Wire Bracelet

On a lighter note, at Dsenyo we were also thrilled to see that both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton wore a Snare Wire Color Bracelet crafted by Mulberry Mongoose, one of Dsenyo's partner artisan groups!  These women were showing their support for the anti-poaching efforts in Africa through their actions not only in their professional lives but also in their personal fashion choices!  The Snare Wire Color Bracelet along with other snare wire jewelry is available for purchase at www.dsenyo.com.

Snare Wire Jewelry

 Watch the video of the presentation here:


  • Marissa Saints