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  • Fair Trade Products: Creating Opportunities for Women, Artisans and Animal Conservation
  • Marissa Saints
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Fair Trade Products: Creating Opportunities for Women, Artisans and Animal Conservation

Poaching is one of the major causes of the dwindling numbers of endangered and at-risk animals in the wild. In underdeveloped countries, poaching, the bushmeat trade and selling illegal ivory and animal skins to traders has become a means of livelihood. To provide sustainable and ethical livelihoods, Dsenyo has partnered with artisan groups in economically-challenged countries like Malawi, Zambia, and Brazil who help provide us with fair trade products.

Fair trade provides equal opportunities to farmers and artisans a fair local wage for labor and production of the goods. Our aim is to educate women and artisans about fair trade and teach them skills that will enable them to support their families through sustainable jobs, creating income-earning opportunities where they are limited or non-existent.

Through these sustainable means of livelihood, and through efforts to educate people about animal conservation, I am hopeful that Dsenyo can contribute positively towards anti-poaching efforts in these regions.

Poaching has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of African Forest elephants, leaving them now as an endangered species. Many other endangered animals are also being killed, including the Black Rhinos and African Wild Dog (African painted dog).


What You Can Do to Support Fair Trade

When you buy fair trade products, you are not only supporting the livelihood of these artisans from Africa and Latin America; you are also supporting the rights of animals to live and roam freely in their natural habitat without being illegally hunted by humans.

For each purchase that you make, of Snare Wire Jewelry Dsenyo donates $5 to reputable non-profits in Zambia leading the anti-poaching efforts in the South Luangwa Valley. Please know that any purchase you make from dsenyo.com whether fair trade clothing or handcrafted jewelry made from indigenous materials, the artisans are paid a fair local wage; and when you support the products, you also support the farmers who grow the crops that are used for the materials and goods and other folks in the local community that we buy materials from.

Women's groups in particular greatly benefit from your support for fair trade products. Our groups from Malawi and Zambia in Africa, and Brazil in Latin America, are only some of the people that you will be helping with every purchase that you make. They make their living through sewing, weaving and jewelry-making. Many of these women are the sole providers for their children, having been widowed when they lost their husbands to AIDS, while others are refugees from Rwanda and Burundi.

Fair Trade: Making an Impact on a Global Scale

The practice of fair trade is slowly, but steadily, being recognized by companies and in different parts of the world. A growing number of businesses are following fair trade regulations when dealing with their suppliers.

As an individual, you don't have to own a business to support fair trade. By simply becoming more aware of the equality that fair trade promotes, and supporting fair trade products, you are already helping create more awareness on the importance of practicing fair trade, and by doing such, you are already helping create a global impact. Thank you!

  • Marissa Saints
  • ConservationEco FashionEthical Fashionfair tradePoachingSustainabilityZambia