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Dsenyo's Passion for Brazilian Fair Trade Goods


Here at Dsenyo, we are passionate about what we do. By empowering our partner artisans in Brazil who produce our sustainable fashion fair trade goods, I believe we are a step closer to building a solidarity economy that brings social justice to all. Did you get caught up in World Cup Fever like we did? It was a really exciting tournament this year with momentous wins and losses in the Brazil World cup. Who could have predicted that Germany v. Brazil game? Our hearts broke for our Brazilian friends who had such high hopes. Yet in any case, even though Brazil may have lost its chance at winning another title, her people remain winners for the art and sheer hard work they put into their craft.

Dsenyo's partnership with Segue o Seco, a cooperative of artisans from northeastern Brazil, is the first of its kind in bringing these wonderful handmade crafts into the international limelight. Made from environment friendly materials that are processed by the skillful hands of our partner Brazilian artisans from start to finish, Dsenyo's fair trade goods help improve the social conditions of these craftsmen and women by providing a fair, dignified and stable livelihood.

One of the raw materials used during the production of fair trade products is buriti, a fiber taken from the abundant miriti palm in northeastern Brazil. The miriti palm is known as the Tree of Life in South America because it has many uses. No part of this tree goes to waste and everything is used to its fullest potential, from its fruit and leaves to the trunk and fronds. As for buriti, once under production, it can come in a variety of colors to match any wardrobe. This strong and pliable fiber is then transformed into items such as bags and clutches, hats, flower hair clips and woven ornaments through the expertise of our Brazilian artisans.

Some people may not realize the time, labor and heart that goes into these items. Handwoven raffia products require a labor-intensive, highly-talented artesian process. Artisans themselves harvest, process and work with the raw materials with little to no mechanical or technological help. We guarantee a top-quality, unique, hand-crafted, fair trade product directly from our partner artisans in Brazil that you can't find elsewhere!

Fair Trade Heart Ornament

Buying these fair trade goods is just one way of showing your support for these socially responsible products. You can opt to become a retailer in your community and be an advocate of fair trade principles via our wholesale fair trade website. The income generated from these sales go a long way towards enriching women and artisan's lives and their families. Dsenyo is committed to showcasing not just the beauty and fashionable value of these wares but the heart and hard work that went into creating these goods.

  • Marissa Saints
  • ArtisansBrazilEco FashionEthical FashionFashion DesignSocial EntrepreneurshipSustainability