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  • Fair Trade Goods Provide a Different Look and a Different Approach
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Fair Trade Goods Provide a Different Look and a Different Approach

Sarong Fair Trade Africa

You have many choices when buying gifts and jewelry for yourself and for others. If social responsibility is important to you and you want to make a difference with your pocketbook, you will want to look at buying fair trade goods. When you buy fair trade jewelry, your money is providing a valuable return to the fair trade artisan allowing her to earn a decent living. Fair trade companies have a mission beyond maximizing profit; that mission is to ensure that producers can make a satisfying living from their craft. For Dsenyo, the goal is to enable women in Africa and Latin America to earn a fair living wage through the sale of their crafts.

Fair Trade Gifts Green Jewelry

Perhaps you want to buy a new bag or clutch. It might be tempting to get a great “too-good-to-be-true” deal at the local discount chain, sadly it often is too-good-to-be-true with the reality being that the producer of that bag earned only pennies for producing a generic product. But there’s hope! You can do some fair trade shopping, where you will find beautiful, unique bags hand crafted by artisans who find pride and joy in the work they do. Carrying a fair trade clutch makes a powerful ethical fashion statement and will provide you with great satisfaction knowing that your purchase enabled a woman in Africa or Latin America to move towards self-sufficiency.

Selena Clutch Fair Trade Dsenyo

If you happen to run a boutique that offers goods from around the world, you may want to look into wholesale fair trade products. You and your customers will know that they are supporting underserved artisan communities while also buying products that add value to your store. For example, the Selena Clutch is produced in Brazil by the artisan cooperative Segue o Seco. It is made from natural and sustainably harvested Buriti palm fiber and comes in several colors that are hand-dyed. Your support of fair trade wholesale products will have a profound impact on women in other countries.

Fair Trade Artisan and Child Malawi

If you are already a committed fair trade supporter and go out of your way to buy fair trade products, THANK YOU! As you know, fair trade gifts provide the recipient with an enjoyable product and they provide you with the satisfaction that your money went to an artisan who needs it. Fair trade shopping is an important movement supporting social enterprises. The artisans craft products for Dsenyo earn monthly incomes that are three to four times the minimum wage. In turn, these women can support their families, while purchasing supplies from local vendors, which helps strengthen their communities. And on top of all of that goodness, artisans maintain their cultural traditions, while respecting their environment.

Fair trade offers guilt-free shopping. You can feel good and look good too!

Fair Trade Sarong Clutch Bracelets

  • Marissa Saints
  • Ethical Fashionfair tradeSocial Entrepreneurship