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  • Conserving Zambia’s Natural Diversity, One Bracelet at a Time
  • Marissa Saints

Conserving Zambia’s Natural Diversity, One Bracelet at a Time

Here at Dsenyo, our commitment to fair trade goes beyond our partnerships with artisan enterprises to caring for our planet. Dsenyo’s fair trade jewelry merges economic development and environmental conservation with ethical style in our new Snare Wire Collection.

The Snare Wire jewelry is crafted by Mulberry Mongoose, an artisan enterprise in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia, a region known for its rich biodiversity and free-ranging wildlife. Economic opportunities here are scarce since the region remains quite rural. The primary means of employment for local people is through the world-renowned safari companies in the South Luangwa National Park, however unemployment remains very high, especially for women. Poaching using snare wire is a direct symptom of this lack of employment and a serious threat to wildlife in the Luangwa Valley; lethal wire indiscriminately maims and often kills iconic wildlife, including elephants, lions, and leopards.  Poaching is on the rise with large commercial benefits as it feeds into the national and international bush meat trade.

Dsenyo’s partnership with Mulberry Mongoose and our Snare Wire Jewelry Collection combat this problem in two ways. First, the metal coil beads are crafted from actual wire snares recovered by anti-poaching patrols and repurposed into contemporary African jewelry designs. This gives new life and a positive purpose to materials that previously were made to cause harm. For every Snare Wire Color BraceletZimba Snare Bracelet, Zimba Snare Necklace, and Zimba Key Ring sold through Dsenyo, a donation is made directly to conservation efforts in the South Luangwa. In two years our partner, Mulberry Mongoose, has already donated nearly $15,000 to the conservation organizations including South Luangwa Conservation Society and Zambian Carnivore Programme who coordinate conservation and anti snare patrols in this area.

A second and more indirect way this partnership makes a difference is that it creates viable economic opportunities for people, particularly women, in the region. Poaching is a symptom of poverty, so by developing local markets and bringing investment to the region, individuals see the possibility of alternative economic opportunities that do good. As Kate, founder of Mulberry Mongoose, told us, the more people that benefit from the safari area, the more individuals want to conserve it for future generations.

Dsenyo is proud of the positive impact our products can make for people and for the planet. This fair trade jewelry collection celebrates the rich and diverse flora and fauna in Zambia that we hope will be conserved for people to enjoy for many years to come!

(photo below: Making snare wire coil beads from recovered snare wire found by anti-poaching patrols)

(photo below: Zimba snare necklace and bracelet)

(photo below: Snare Wire Necklace on silver chain with turquoise, Tibetan silver spacer beads and freshwater pearl)

(photo below: Snare Wire Color Bracelet in sage green with Tibetan silver spacer beads)


  • Marissa Saints