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PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring Summer 2013

We are so ready for spring here in Colorado! Lately, our weather has see-sawed between clear, sunny skies, and cold, swirling snow storms, with temperature swings from 75 degrees to single digits. All in the same week!

Today, with more snow in the forecast, I’m yearning for more color in my life, the brighter, the better. So I stopped by some shops on my way to the grocery store to check out the new spring clothes, and got a glimpse of exactly what I’ve been longing for: Exuberant yellows. Fiery oranges. Grab-me greens.

It’s amazing how color can conjure up a change of scene and give our spirits a boost. Palm frond, fuchsia, tangerine. Watermelon pink, sun-kissed yellow, Caribbean blue.
Who comes up with evocative names like these? And why did that exact shade of bright green, used in a jacket I spotted last week, show up in several of the clothing catalogs that recently arrived in my mail?

PANTONE, a company that specializes in color psychology, science, and trends, claims at least partial credit. It calls itself “the global authority on color,” and it wields tremendous influence in fields as diverse as cosmetics and fashion, interior and industrial design, and the medical and automotive industries.

Working with artists, designers and stylists in a number of fields, PANTONE uses its technical expertise to forecast the coming fashion season’s predominant colors. At least twice a year, it publishes a capsule description of what it identifies as the top ten colors, and relates these colors to the current mood of consumers.

According to PANTONE, the “in trend” colors for Spring/Summer 2013 are Emerald, Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, African Violet, Linen, Lemon Zest, Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue, Nectarine and Poppy Red. If you’re interested in taking a look at these shades, you can see them on PANTONE's website.

I’m not convinced PANTONE can really determine the colors I’ll like best this year, or that they can predict when my tastes will shift from Coral Rose to Nectarine, or from Regatta to Monaco Blue. But it’s fascinating to find out what’s happening behind the fashion scenes and to get a preview of the next color tones the experts are promoting for the market.

And doesn’t a color palette splashed with tropical brights, or the cooler, linen shades, sound appealing? Check it out in our newest fashion wear and accessories. We’ve got breezy skirts from Malawi in bold, happy-go-lucky prints. And from Brazil, carefree purses and captivating hair clips in irresistible colors: Radiant pink. Bell pepper green. Daffodil yellow. They’re perfect for adding summer spark to your wardrobe RIGHT NOW!

-- by Diane Clymer


Photos: Daffodils in Colorado April snow storm (top), Dsenyo Founder wearing Brazil Flower Clip in Rose on this snowy Spring day (middle), Shot on location at The Kitchen [Upstairs] model wearing Dsenyo Brazil Flower Clip and The Basica Clutch in Lemon (bottom)

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