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  • The Truth About Fair Trade
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The Truth About Fair Trade


By Ellen Arkfeld, guest blogger, who is interning with Dsenyo this summer.

Fair trade can seem like something beyond our reach, a word thrown around and printed on labels that we know is good but don’t fully understand.  But fair trade is pretty simple:  pay producers a fair price for their products.  That’s it.  The concept seems like something we already embrace when we pay $50 for a pair of shoes - how is that price not more than fair?  But a lot of the products we buy come from companies who don’t pay living wages to their workers.  Thankfully, when you buy something that is fair trade you help producers improve their lives by ensuring that they get paid what we know is fair.

Here are some helpful links I found about fair trade and how to get involved:

Fair Trade Federation (fairtradefederation.org)

Fair Trade Resource Network (fairtraderesource.org)

Green America (greenamerica.org)

Fair Trade US (fairtrade.us)


  • Marissa Saints
  • fair trade