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  • Malawi Trip Report: Welcome Back!
  • Marissa Saints

Malawi Trip Report: Welcome Back!


Marissa spent three weeks in Malawi this March, 2011 working with Dsenyo's producer groups on new designs.  She is posting a series of "Trip Reports" here on her blog to give you an inside look at her travels.

Here are some of my favorite Malawian names:

  • Smile
  • Innocent
  • Nice
  • Loveness
  • Comfort

It's really hard not to enjoy the people here.  Names like these just automatically put a smile on your face, plus when they are coupled with such hospitality and great attitudes I feel so welcome.  I really love this country and it's people.  It is a second home which I am reminded of each time I visit our group at Ndiwasa Village where they welcome me to the house I stay at and say this is your home, you are our daughter, welcome back!


  • Marissa Saints