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  • THE LITTLE DRESS: A Journey of Hope
  • Marissa Saints

THE LITTLE DRESS: A Journey of Hope

I am excited to share with you about Vicki Vasilopoulos' newest piece, an inspiring documentary about American women volunteers finding purpose and passion through their work with non-profit Little Dress for Africa. Not only will some of her filming take place in Malawi, but Dsenyo items have been included as donor perks on her Indiegogo campaign.

In the twilight of her life, 99-year old Iowa native Lillian Weber had a remarkable goal: to sew 1,000 dresses for needy little girls in Africa before she turned 100 years old. She inspired a community of like-minded volunteers -- and brought worldwide attention to the nonprofit organization "Little Dresses for Africa," founded by Rachel O'Neill to honor little girls and make them feel worthy. THE LITTLE DRESSfollows Lillian and Rachel's life-affirming mission and the transformative effect on the little girl who receives one of Lillian's lovingly made dresses.

By telling Lillian Weber's story, THE LITTLE DRESS gives voice to an older generation of women volunteers at a time when many of them feel that they don't count anymore. The film will reveal not only the impact of LDFA's mission in Africa, but also the transformative effect on its own volunteers. As Rachel O'Neill says "We give our volunteers a feeling that they're important and that they matter. We're changing lives here and across the ocean."

This independently produced film is intended for worldwide distribution at film festivals, on public television, at independent theaters and community screenings, as well as on digital streaming platforms.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign here:


  • Marissa Saints